Team 2018 is responsible for the implementation of the bidbook, with which Leeuwarden-Fryslân won the title European Capital of Culture in 2018. The team consists of people from Leeuwarden, Fryslân, The Netherlands and Europe. They each have their own specialty and role. They have one thing in common: the drive to make a success of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018. And to thereby make the world a little prettier.

Team 2018 directs the program, but they cannot do this alone. They desperately need your help. Will you help to make a success of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018?


Claudia Woolgar

Claudia Woolgar city & countryside

Marije Jansen

Marije Jansen marketing & communication

Nicole Venema

Nicole Venema tourism & hospitality

Lieven Bertels

Lieven Bertels CEO and artistic leader

John Bonnema

John Bonnema finance

Hanita van der Schaaf

Hanita van der Schaaf tourism & hospitality

Oeds Westerhof

Oeds Westerhof network & innovation

Jacco de Boer

Jacco de Boer legacy

Meinke Noordam

Meinke Noordam community & diversity

Rudi Wester

Rudi Wester cooperation Leeuwarden & Valletta 2018

 Patricia Klomp

Patricia Klomp information center

Jelle Burggraaff

Jelle Burggraaff european connections

Suzanne Peeters

Suzanne Peeters secretary

Wybren Jorritsma

Wybren Jorritsma cooperation of social partners

Anita van der Werf-de Kruijff

Anita van der Werf-de Kruijff planning and writing

Sylvya Kerklaan

Sylvya Kerklaan club2018 & merchandise

Jan van Erve

Jan van Erve partnership & commerce

Monique Jansma

Monique Jansma Employee

Sjoerd Bootsma

Sjoerd Bootsma lab leeuwarden

Antsje van der Zee

Antsje van der Zee employee

Jort Klarenbeek

Jort Klarenbeek image editor

Radboud Droog

Radboud Droog text editor

Inge Wijninga

Inge Wijninga administration

Amanda Kok

Amanda Kok information office

Jolanda Tubee

Jolanda Tubee secretary

Marcel de Jong

Marcel de Jong employee

Gerrie Visser

Gerrie Visser employee

Jan Heidstra

Jan Heidstra controller

Immie Jonkman

Immie Jonkman royal friesian

Anna-Margreet Bervoets

Anna-Margreet Bervoets club2018

Ingrid Vellinga

Ingrid Vellinga club2018


Radboud Droog

Radboud Droog editor
+31 6 31963387