ISPA summer congress in June in Friesland

Foto: IJsfoarstin by Tryater (credits: Saris & den Engelsman).


ISPA summer congress in June in Friesland

LEEUWARDEN - The international summer congress of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) will take place in Friesland in June of 2018. Over four hundred leaders from the performing arts field around the world will be staying in the province for five days to explore Oerol, Tryater, Oranjewoud Festival, De Harmonie and Neushoorn during their 102nd summer congress.

It's only the second time in their seventy years that ISPA’s summer congress will be held in The Netherlands since their visit to Amsterdam in 1988. The presence of this wide ranging delegation of international producers, impresarios and theatre directors from 56 different countries, also offers a great moment for young Dutch artists, who will have the opportunity to show their work to the visitors during special pitch sessions.

It is a first for the ISPA to have their yearly congress in a European Capital of Culture. ISPA's managing director David Baile: ,,ISPA has had the pleasure of holding congresses in many European capitals over the years, but never before have we had the honour of collaborating with a European Capital of Culture. We are excited about introducing our membership of 500 arts leaders from 56 countries from around the world to Leeuwarden and Friesland."

The decision to come to Friesland was therefore greeted with a great applause by ISPA members during the Annual General Meeting in New York earlier this year.

After welcoming the international WTC Congress, this international conference is another great boost for our province in 2018.